Ollie and cheska dating

20-Sep-2017 18:13

"Obviously when your friends start dating someone, you do start seeing them less because they choose 'the one' over their best friend." Chelsea resident's Binky and Cheska became firm favourites on the BAFTA-winning E4 series, and the two have been an inseparable duo on the show often seen walking their dogs or trying out new exercise gadgets.However, in the latest season, the two have been spending less time with each other, with Binky revealing she hadn't heard from her best friend before they started filming the latest series.Cheska arranges a boys night to cheer Binky up, and Spencer decides to arrange a boys night.Andy goes on his date with Sophia and the pair hit it off, but he soon realises that he still has feelings for Louise.

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At Proudlock’s weekend break, Spencer once again gets the wrong idea about Andy and Louise, and Jamie confesses his love to Binky before laying a kiss on her.How would you characterize working with David Yates compared to the other directors you've worked with on these films?We have a very, very good relationship, not only professionally, but personally as well.They're like distending independently away from my face and trying to encompass hers, so I apologize Bonnie.

Daniel Radcliffe: I think it's kind of a wonderful thing in the film."I get so angry when people say ‘oh poor Cheska, you dumped her for Lucy', because Cheska is 28 this year," Binky explained to